Posted 03.31.2024 at 10:00 PM

Okay, I'm not making fun of you guys for coming up with this theory, but also, like, it's really funny. It's funny because you guys have known who his father is this whole time. I made it very obvious without saying it outright, but people still ask if Robin is his dad. No, he's not. Robin is someone else completely. You will see how he connects to all of this soon enough. 

Also, to those theorizing that Malcom and Robin are the same person, no. Robin's name is Raediel, not Malcom. They've also been in the same room. I just dont want to disappoint you guys when you've put all your cards on him being someone he's not. 

I love your theories; they are all so unique and something that I wish I had thought of doing at the time when writing the story for TTH! You are so creative! Keep theorizing! I enjoy reading them very much!