00 :: Forgotten Lies
Posted 2021.07.18 at 06:17 PM

Edit :: Hey guys! Welcome to the new site. I know it doesn't look like it changed much but believe me it has! We have a brand new comic reader! No more missing updates anymore I can now schedule my updates to the EXACT time. 

Sorry most of the comments got removed, They are still there, just not visible since the pages don't exist anymore. Anyways! Hope you Enjoy! 

And so Starts the awesome story of TTH! 

This is Chapter 0! The prologue before we get into the actual story! Excuse the first few pages, when I started out I was testing things out. I will eventually go back and recolour the first 28 pages. But not now, that is saved for when I finally decide to Print the prologue!

I'd like to thank everyone thats supported this comic so far! You're the greatest!!