Warning: The Thief's Heir contains violence, gore, body horror and strong language. Reader discretion is advised.

Twelve years ago, Aeon discovered he was adopted on the night his life toppled down into a spiral of chaos. A tragedy struck and Aeon found himself abandoned by his mentor Malcom. Alone and hungry, Aeon became a low-life thief, living out his days for a quick buck. Tired of feeling like he was missing a part of his identity, Aeon decided to find the answers he'd always needed from Malcom, but first he would have to find him. As Aeon searches for the truth of who he is, he encounters more trouble then was hoping for, but can Aeon find a way out of the mess he's unwillingly stepped into, or is it just fate that decides his future?

A Canadian loser that does nothing all day but stuff her face with chips and watch Netflix. I'm a college student currently getting my degree in Video Game Art and Animation. Follow my journey creating my very first solo webcomic and experience the world of TTH!

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Nitpicking Australian that fixes all things grammatically incorrect. She edits and fixes up the scripts and typos so that Mimi doesn't embarrass herself. She also tells Mimi when she's being dumb with ideas for both the story and the website.

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