Age :: 26 | DoB :: 05/17
Race :: Elf/Human
Height :: 5'5" (165cm)

Freya is Aeon's best friend—his only friend, really. As a half elf, she was an outcast growing up, but Aeon never saw her differently, or acted that way, for that matter. Freya is a bit overbearing—she’s rather critical and outspoken, but she’s still a kind and loving friend.

Age :: N/A | DoB :: N/A
Race :: Demon Spirit
Height :: 5'5" (165cm)

A demon that has been tormenting Aeon since he was young. Aeon has only recently learned what she looks like, since before he only saw her hands. She's quite enchanting.

Age :: 25 | DoB :: 02/25
Race :: Human (?)
Height :: 5'10" (177cm)

Aeon is a cunning and manipulative thief. He's greedy, and a bit of a pig towards women, but deep down he feels a lot missing from his life. His morals are grey—he doesn’t take action unless it will affect him personally, and he’s not interested in doing anything he doesn't want to—unless, of course, he's paid handsomely. As for who he is, well, Aeon doesn't even know himself, which causes chaos and confusion in his mind.

Age :: N/A | DoB :: N/A
Race :: Demon Spirit (Body: Fernis)
Height :: 4'1" (124.4cm)

A demon that has possessed what looks to be a Suno Clan Fernis child. He's the captain of the Fallen Devil, the ship which Aeon has found himself on. Robin seems cunning and calculating—he looks to be up to something, but what exactly? No one knows. Who is this guy really, is he trustworthy, or is he a foe?

Age :: N/A | DoB :: N/A
Race :: Demon Spirit
Height :: 6'3" (190.5cm)

He had his back turned, who he isn't known. But he has an aura that makes Aeon feel uneasy. And those eyes... they aren't normal Demon Spirit eyes- who is this guy?

Age :: 54 | DoB :: 11/03
Race :: Human (Possessed by Holy Spirit)
Height :: 5'11" (180.3cm)

Mysterious man, he seems to have killed someone... Who is he?

Age :: 54 | DoB :: 11/03
Race :: Human (Possessed by Holy Spirit)
Height :: 5'11" (180.3cm)

The former king of Aliet who died 25 years ago. No one knows who killed him, but it may have been the mysterious man listed beside him.
A general of the Aliet army.

Malcom is a retired Royal Guard from Aleit. He took post in Aeon's small village to help look after him at the request of a friend before their death. He's a gentle man, but tends to get easily annoyed by all the tomfoolery that Aeon seems to get himself into.
Aeon's adoptive mother. A kind woman that took Aeon in as a favor to a dead friend. She loves Aeon no matter what he does or says, even though he's a troublesome child to raise.
Two of Aeon's siblings. They are close to Aeon's age being 15 and 8 years old. The three are the last of the siblings to still live with Athiena.

The guard that faces off with Aeon, she seems to have some connection with Malcom.
Mysterious "older" guy that Freya mentioned.

A Yibi Clan Fernis, he seems to only be a child though, but he still operates the cannons on the Fallen Devil. He is one of Robin's crew. He's the youngest of the crew at 13 years old.

She may look like a child but Nala is a Suno Clan Fernis, the marks on her cheeks tell us she's over 18. She helps fix weapons and odd things around the ship. She's one of Robin's crew members.
A beautiful Nirri Clan Fernis. She may be beautiful but she can kick ass. She's helps Lilotte navigate the waters on the fallen devil. She is one of Robin's crew members.

A small Fae with a fiery personality. Because she can fly around with ease she navigates the waters notifying Robin of which direction they should go. She is one of Robin's crew members.

An Andres of the Rarad Clan. A giant man with a thick accent. He helps the crew carry large cargo onto the ship, he is also a great hand to hand fighter. He is one of Robin's crew members.
He's a Holy Spirit, odd that a Holy Spirit would be on board with a Demon Spirit? He's one of Robin's crew members.

A Demon Spirit, he seems kind of timid. Wonder what his connection is to Rezel, they seem close. He's one of Robin's crew members.

A quiet Nirri Clan Fernis. He hasn't said anything but his demeanor is quiet alarming. He's one of Robin's crew members.

A giant Human woman. She seems to be from the Ayeki country. Her demeanor is frightening and she seems to not like Aeon at all. Perhaps it's because he has insulted her wife, Ayami. She's one of Robin's crew members.

The Elf girl that hired Aeon for a job that ultimately got him in trouble. She seemed fishy, and now Aeon knows why! She is in league with Robin! Was everything a set up?!