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Posted 09.18.2017 at 12:00 AM
Jeeze this priest needs to slow his roll. All this talk about holy spirits kinda seems sketchy huh?

Thank you to everyone that let me use your characters! Not everyone's character was used, it was nothing to do with your character I just picked the ones with colours, and the order I put them only my big list. If you didn't give me a username in your email, the name that shows up will be the one that your email displayed for me. Another note if some colour was missing I tried my best to make the right colour. Sorry if I got any colors wrong!

Thank you to, Aller, Berneice Williams, CaptianGhostie, Christie Brand, Clocks Declaring, CopperSpy, Daddys Baby, Doodle_Noodles, Einmyria, Flame Firewonder, HawkHunting, Leeds, Lociro, MagiAladdin_101, MarVogue, Masquedwarrior, Miss Marie, Paul Willson, Ravoxa, Respheal, Sei_kun, and Soft Gum