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Posted 03.28.2017 at 01:56 PM

Edit (1/12/24):: I have redone these pages! The whole chapter will eventually be completely redone if you're reading this. Extra pages have also been added between some pages to pad out the chapter a bit and give some more information. 



WHOA Aeon, come now that's not what good boy's do! They dont throw cups at their sisters.

I'm at my aunts this weekend so havent checked most social media's cause I refuse to look at my laptop. I only just now opened up. I'm taking my long awaited break from all art. But when I get back I'm going FULL Force on pages again. I'd like to get half of chapter 1 done in June. And the last of it done in August. I'd like a huge buffer for when school starts up I'm not in deep with deadlines.