Aeon is a cunning and manipulative thief. He's greedy and a bit of a pig towards women, but deep down he feels a lot missing from his life. His morals align in the grey area, not taking action unless it will affect him personally and is unwilling to do anything he doesn't want to unless he's paid handsomely. In regards to who he is, he doesn't even know himself which causes chaos and confusion within his own mind.
Freya is Aeon's best friend, and most likely his only friend. She is a half elf that resulted in becoming an outcast growing up, but Aeon never saw or acted like she was different. Freya is a bit over bearing, critical, and speaks her mind, while still being a kind and loving friend.

A demon that has possessed what looks to be a child. He seems cunning and calculating. It's a mystery about what he's up to. Who is this guy really?!

Malcom is a retired Royal Guard from Aleit. He took post in Aeon's small village to help look after him, as requested from a friend before their death. He's a gentle man, but tends to get easily annoyed by the tom foolery that Aeon seems to get himself into.
A demon that has been tormenting Aeon since he was young. Aeon is just now seeing what she looks like, before only seeing hands. She's quite enchanting.
The guard that faces off with Aeon

Aeon's adoptive mother. A kind woman that took Aeon in as a favor to a dead friend. She loves Aeon no matter what he does or says, even though he's a troublesome child to raise.

The elf girl that hired Aeon for a job. She seems sort of fishy, but Aeon can't say no to a women.